Morgan Parts


Morgan Cars Australia carries a large range of genuine Morgan Parts in stock to support service requirements in the field.

Where a particular part is not available, it will be sourced from the factory in England and would normally be available in Australia within 14-days.

Unlike some other car manufacturers, the Morgan factory is able to supply new parts for very old cars. This is due to the fact that most parts are still manufactured on site, often by hand.

Morgan Cars Australia sells Morgan Parts directly to the public.


Routine Service Parts

This is a list of parts commonly requested for regular service - please contact us directly for parts for any age of Morgan car.

Part Name Part # Price (AUD)
Air filter Ford Kent engine MEP5500 $34
Air filter Ford CVH engine XR3 XR2 MEP3380 $63
Air filter Ford Focus/Zetec MEP3382 $48
Air filter Ford Sigma engine 1.6 MEP3383 $104
Air filter Plus 8 5-speed carburettor MEP5510 $43
Air filter Plus 8 injection, M16, T16, Ford Zetec MEP5520 $49
Air filter Plus 8 3.9 Land-Rover injection MEP5530 $60
Air filter Plus 4 Duratec (Current) / Roadster V6 3.0 MEP5540 $76
Air filter Roadster Ford V6 3.7 MEP5543 $105
Air filter Aero 8 MEP55749 $118
Air filter Aero SuperSport, Plus 8 for N62 4.4/4.8 MEP55754 $165
Cam belt Rover M16 MEP2010 $146
Cam belt Rover T16 MEP2015 $198
Cam belt Ford CVH XR3 MEP4230 $136
Cam belt Ford Zetec MEP4235 $156
Kingpin Stainless MFS1114 $182
Kingpin Bush Bronze MFS1000 $42
Kingpin Dust Seal Rubber MFS0780 $12
Kingpin Dust Tube Cover MFS0680 $36
Fan belt TR MEC0200 $99
Fan belt Rover T16 MEC0255 $70
Fan belt Ford Kent up to 1982 MEC0270 $65
Fan belt Ford XR3 1982 to 1991 MEC0280 $39
Fan belt Ford XR2 1991 to 1993 MEC0290 $65
Fan belt Ford Zetec 1993 to 2000 MEC0295 $64
Fan belt Ford Focus 2000 to 2002 MEC0300 $104
Fan belt Ford Focus 2003 on MEC0305 $114
Fan belt Plus 8 1987 to 1994 MEC0360 $38
Fan belt Plus 8 1994 on MEC0365 $108
Fan belt Plus 8 2003 air-con MEC0366 $105
Headlamp Lens Light Unit MLA0320 $133
Lens flasher lamp front orange MLA0510 $50
Lens flasher lamp rear orange MLA0675 $50
Lens rear light red 1971 on MLA0755 $40
Mirror door exterior : Traipsoidal MBC1040 $249
Mirror interior, dipping MWS0205 $54
Oil filter Fiat MEP1090


Oil filter Rover T16 MEP1100 $49
Oil filter Ford Kent early MEP3300 $32
Oil filter Ford Kent MEP3310 $30
Oil filter Ford CVH XR3 XR2 MEP3330 $36
Oil filter Ford Focus Zetec, Roadster 3.0 MEP3340 $49
Oil filter Ford Sigma 1.6 MEP3341 $38
Oil filter Ford Focus Plus 4 Duratec MEP3345 $33
Oil filter Ford V6 3.7 Roadster MEP3347 $35
Oil filter Plus 8 up to 1976 MEP5480 $85
Oil filter Plus 8 1976 on 5-speed MEP5490 $72
Oil filter Aero 4.4 MEP33405 $40
Oil filter Aero 4.8 MEP33406 $95
Pedal Rubber - brake and clutch MBH1040


Wiper blade 2-seater up to 1970 hook type MWA0180 $36
Wiper blade 4-seater up to 1970 hook type MWA0190 $36
Wiper blade 2-seater from 1970 MWA0200 $36
Wiper blade 4-seater from 1971 MWA0210 $36
Wiper blade Black 2000 on MWA0230 $36