Morgan Cars Australia

Morgan Cars Australia has been representing the UK based Morgan Motor Company in Australia since 2000.

Sadly, due to new technical regulations in Europe, production of the iconic and much loved 'traditional' Morgans, commonly referred to as Classic Morgans, ceased in 2020. This ended an industry leading 84-year record production run, which commenced in 1936.

The last new Classic Morgan for Australia was delivered to a Sydney customer in December 2020.

Likewise, due to its American sourced S&S engine not meeting the latest emissions regulations in the EU, production of the Morgan 3-Wheeler came to an end in early 2021.

The last three 3 Wheelers for Australia were built in January 2021, all of which have been sold.

The Morgan Motor Company in the UK are now only producing the new CX range, comprising of the Plus Four and Plus Six models.  Currently, these are only available for UK and EU markets and are not offered in the rest of the world.

Supply and importation of new Morgan cars to the Australian market, with our unique Australian Design Rule technical requirements (ADRs), is currently not possible.

Any Morgan enthusiasts who are interested in the new CX models should contact Chris van Wyk at Morgan Cars Australia to register their interest.
They will be advised when any changes to current supply constraints are imminent.

Morgan Cars Australia is continuing to support existing Morgan owners in Australia with parts supply and any warranty and service issues.