Aero 8 models in Australia

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Production of the new Aero 8 moels has now come to an end.  Only 160 of these stunning roadsters were produced world wide.

A total of 5 of these new Aero 8 models were sold in Australia.

The new Aero 8 is the final model in the series of Aero models built by the Morgan Motor Company with various BMW V8 engines.

The revolutionary Aero 8 model was first introduced in mid-2000. Over the following 9 years the model underwent a number of minor changes with a total of 660 sold worldwide. 

The original Aero 8 was followed by the AeroMax – with 100 sold for road use and a further 13 for ‘display only’ in the USA.

In 2010 the first Aero SuperSports models made their appearance, followed shortly after by the Aero Coupe.  There were 129 SuperSports and 38 Coupe delivered worldwide.

Over the past 17 years there were 1100 various Aero models produced.  In Australia, there are only 10 Aero models currently on the road.  The latest arrival of the new Aero 8 with a further 4 going into production will bring the total Aero count for Australia to 17 units.